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Latest Episode: Episode 16
Hye-chan is a 29-year-old unhappy wife of a popular movie star, Sang-yeong. While on her way to file for a divorce, a car accident drastically changes her life. Hye-chan recovers as the same 29-year-old woman, but she thinks she is still eighteen! Although she cannot believe she is married to Sang-yeong (her childhood nemesis), their childish quibbling rekindles their lost love. Sang-yeong is a handsome, articulate and successful movie star in Korea. Due to his family’s infamous background, he first appears tepid and callous, but deep down his soul remains quite vulnerable. After a bitter quarrel with Hye-chan ends in threats of separation, she leaves home to follow through on her husband’s parting demands but returns with a shockingly different frame of mind… It appears the last eleven years of her memory have been taken away!

Country: Korean


Type: Show

Tagges as: Ryu Soo Young, Lee Joong Moon, Park Sun Young, Choi Si Won, Park Eun Hye

Released: 2005

Status: Completed

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